OEC Undergraduate Scholarship Awardees

Ashfaq Ali Shamoon
Ashfaq Ali ShamoonComputer Science Final Year Student
I am thankful for the scholarship that has been provided by your organization. I belong to a family where we have only father who earns for the whole family and rest of us depend on that income to get all our expenses fulfilled.

In the year 2012,my father was a senior teacher at Daimond jubilee schools when he was given a package to retire with an amount of 20lac which seemed a good offer at that time for us as we had to continue our educations. Our father went for it and ever since he has been either jobless or had to do jobs with low pay. He currently is a teacher at MID colleges earns a pay of 15K /month which does not cover all over expenses. In such situations, getting a scholarship from OEC meant alot and it gives me more hope when I look forward towards my future.

I am currently in final year of my bachelors in computer science from FAST, Islamabad. I look forward to do a descent job after completing this degree to look after my family.

I am really thankful to OEC for this support and hope that this continues so that more students of Gilgit Baltistan could face less financial hurdles while completing their education.

Shehzadi Shah
Shehzadi Shah Qau Ugrad Scholar
Keeping up with the commitment, OEC has recently granted a fair amount of scholarship to one of the most capable and well deserved student who was being unable to have acquisition of good education due to rising financial demands of the educational sector.
Shehzadi Shah is the brilliant daughter of a carpenter who aims to become a professor and shape up the destiny of the nation.
She’s is an inhabitant of Yasin, Ghizer. Shehzadi has always been excellent in her studies and topped in undergraduate level.
Due to her remarkable academic records and fulfillment of eligibility criteria, she got admission in QAU GB in reserved quota among the pool of thousand candidates competing rigorously.
she says I am so overwhelmed with gratitude for whole OEC team for this kind act. I have always wanted to progress in my academic career as I aspire to become a professor and impact the society but the financial obstacles would become my major worry.
I along with my parents are very thankful for OEC that I can proceed with my education without having to worry about any monetarily hurdle.


We are really thankful to our supporters and donors who have helped us to make this step successful.Successful Candidates 2016 cycle

*Ayesha Majeed (Oshikandas) Studying Food Sciences from KIU, Gilgit

*Wajahat Shah (Yaseen)  Studying Music from NCA, Lahore

Scholarship Process

 UGrad scholarship is granted only fully merit-based and after thorough filtration of applicants. There were eight shortlisted candidates among which Shehzadi has been selected as the most deserving one. Shortlisted candidates were chosen by the suggestions and recommendations from the seniors and coordinators of the OEC team.  Interview was conducted with the candidates and their potential for the scholarship was examined by the UGrad Team. Eligiblity criteria included:

  • Neediness and financial background of the candidate
  • His/her academic record.
  • His/her aptitude for the studies.

Given is the fee receipt of the selected candidate which was sponsored by OEC.