OEC Summer Camp is the one of the initiatives of Organization for Educational Change (OEC) that has been designed with the current needs of the students who are on the verge of getting into the university life. This program extends information, gives guidelines and provides exposure to the students who are seeking admissions in the top most Universities and quality fields exercised according to the needs of the due era.

OEC Summer Camp carries out the proper procedures of pilot admission tests of the universities, in which students get examined with the previous admission test papers. We hit the hot spots of the admission procedure in totality and in a professional manner. As done in early sessions, we will be including  thorough study of the concepts, ice breaking with the practice papers devised in the actual entry test patterns and different tricks and tips, do’s and don’ts of the tests.

In the past, our students have succeeded in acquiring a place for themselves in universities like NUST, LUMS, GIKI, FAST, IBA and other top class universities.

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OEC Summer Camp, Rawalpindi (June 2016)

Summer Camp