Javed Iqbal

Director DGB

The world gives to the givers and takes from the takers. For me life is to give something to others. This is the purpose of my life. I am passionate about my purpose. Purpose with passion needs performance to achieve success in life. These three words purpose with passion and top ensuring performance have devised my personality. It is the sole purpose of my life to give something to the humanity, to help the needy people, to guide and educate the ignorant and to create a society which will give everything to its inhabitants.I am an active participant in academic as well as non-academic activities. I am a hardworking student as well as a zealous social worker. I participate actively in the literary and scientific competitions arranged by literary societies of universities. Being a student of Environmental Sciences I want to protect environment around me and make it a safe place for people to live in. I am very much interested in creating opportunities to keep mother Earth clean. I like to learn about modern developments in Science and Technology to save Earth from environmental hazards.Curenlty.I am doin Ms Remote sensing and GIS from COMSATS Islamabad.