Noreen Akhtar

Head of Social Media

I am Noreen Akhtar from Hunza, Pakistan. I am doing my Bachelors in Environmental Sciences from Asian University for Women (AUW) and currently, I am in my third year. My research interests include working on impacts of climate change, groundwater Arsenic contamination and toxicology and Environmental Chemistry related issues. I enjoy traveling, reading books and getting involved in volunteerism. My professional work experiences include working as an intern with Chemists Without Borders. Ford Foundation and Work for a Better Bangladesh (WBB) Trust. My volunteer experiences include working with Milky Way Youth Movement, Pakistan Girls Guide Association, Anthology club president at AUW, Wedu Global, Bangkok and proudly, Organization for Educational Change. Volunteerism has always given me this satisfaction that my life is adding some value in the life of other people. Together we can do so much and service of 'time and knowledge' can make our future more safe and valuable.