Saba Raza

Head OEC Blogs

OEC warmly welcomes Ms Saba Raza to the team as she joins us as Head of Blogging department.
Here is a little introduction of Saba in her own words.

”I’m an ordinary person with extraordinary goals, who is equipped with unique yet optimistic perceptions. I belong to Khaplu, a small village located in region of Gilgit-Baltistan. I’m currently doing my bachelors From NDU Islamabad.
I was a part of community based service a class project, which i was leading and had total of five members, Our mission was to target our children to groom them into something we desire to see them in so we make them a responsible citizen, but most importantly we make them a HUMAN. The human that knows his moral and ethical values towards society, and as well as for his own self.
we conducted 3 sessions of learning and did a volunteer work, where we distributed books and stationary among the children.