Educure IV

Educure IV

The 4th edition of Educure – an educational magazine published by Organization for Educational Change, Gilgit-Baltistan is now available online. You can also order a printed version of the magazine. The prices for the magazine are as under:

Organizations: *Rs. 200 per copy.

Professionals: *Rs. 150 per copy.

Students: *Rs. 100 per copy.

Please contact to place your order.

* Standard shipping charges apply.

Please don’t forget to give us your feedback using the comments section under the magazine. Your feedback is highly valuable to us as it will help us in bringing improvements in the upcoming edition of Educure. To view the magazine properly, you need to have latest version of Adobe Flash Player. If you are not able to view the magazine, you can either upgrade your player or download the PDF version of Educure IV and view in a PDF viewer.

Educure IV – Read Online

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