Currently, IFL scholar base has been scaled up to 30 and six new students are been served with their advance fee for the whole year through the efforts of IFL. It’s further giving its services and dedication to boost the number of scholars. Note that, FL is the major project of OEC in which needy students are provided with scholarship for educational expenses.

Kamal Uddin
It is only through undeterred resolve, diligence and self-belief that one becomes a true leader. I have been crafting out my personality by all necessary means to offer my services Read More
Junaid Akbar
Vice President
I am passionate about volunteering I became a volunteer in a project in OEC (Organization for Educational change). With the passage of time, I realized education is the only effective Read More
Gohar Ali Khan
Director Educational Expos
The man behind huge success of 18 Educational Expos in different areas of Gilgit-Baltistan, Gohar Ali Khan did incredibly well to manage his team this summer and did record number Read More
Salim Akhtar
Joint Secretary
We warmly welcome Mr. Salim Akhtar Baig as the Joint Secretary for the year 2017-18. Mr. Salim has been serving OEC for the last 3 years in different capacities. He Read More
Sajid Khan
Web and IT Head
I see life as continuous process of learning that takes us beyond the conventional boundaries. I hail form Gilgit-Baltistan. I am Computer Science enthusiast, pursuing my Bachelor’s degree for FAST Read More
Anam Karim
Graphics Head
Anam lives with the philosophy that said “Be the change you wish to see in the World”. Like this:Like Loading...
Ayesha Anum
Head Graphic Desiging
Meet the face behind all of these beautiful Graphics of OEC. Presenting Ms Ayesha Anum who is a Graduate of NCA Lahore. Like this:Like Loading...
Saba Raza
Head OEC Blogs
OEC warmly welcomes Ms Saba Raza to the team as she joins us as Head of Blogging department. Here is a little introduction of Saba in her own words. ”I’m an ordinary person with extraordinary Read More
Sarosh Shah
Head Event Manager
Ms Sarosh Shah will take lead of Event Management team. We are pleased to have her in the team.  Here is a short introduction of her.  Student of Social sciences Read More
Najeeb Ullah
Vice Head Marketing
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Head of Publication Department
Ms Zohra is a very talented Debater and Writer. She takes charge of Publication Department in OEC for 2017-18. Like this:Like Loading...
Syed Ehsan Ali
Head of OEC Academia
One of key focus areas of OEC is Academia that is being led by Mr. Syed Ehsan Ali . Mr. Ali is a senior year student at LUMS Like this:Like Read More
Wahid Khan
Head of IFL
Abdul Wahid Khan is a final year student of Social Development and Policy Program at Habib University, Karachi. He is the Head of Execution of a community initiative called Affinity Read More
Karim Ahmed
Head of Social Media
OEC warmly welcomes Karim Ahmed a.k.a Daneal to the Team OEC as Head of Social Media. It is exciting to have such an energetic individual in the force.  Here is Read More
Siraj Hussain
Information Secretary
Meet our new Information Secretary. Hailing from Haramosh Valley, Gilgit. Mr. Siraj is a very talented person. He is serving OEC for the last 2 years on different positions. Parallel Read More
Ali Husnaina
Secondary Class Student
Talents: Active student and stage performer Like this:Like Loading...
Hasnain Alam
6th Grade Student
Talents: Good at Mathematics and Singing Like this:Like Loading...
Alina Bahadur
4th Grade Student
Talents: Active performer and Intelligent Student Like this:Like Loading...
Khalia Shakoor
4th Grade Student
Talents: Active performer Like this:Like Loading...
Muzammil Ahmed
3rd Grade Student
Talents: Active student Like this:Like Loading...
Aliza Farman
4th Grade Student
Talents: Active student Like this:Like Loading...
Sultana Rehmat
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Sultana Faraz
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Sonia Sohail
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