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One of the major projects that OEC has undertaken is Educure Magazine. Educure is a bilingual yearly publication that comprises issues and solutions related to education in Gilgit-Baltistan given its comparatively retrograde socio-economic condition. OEC has successfully published five editions so far and the team is marking the publishing of the sixth in 2022.


  • Educure aims at taking up educational ventures and providing sustainable solutions to the problems that prevail.
  • It provides information regarding opportunities, of both national and international scope, that students can benefit from, thus providing to be a way forward.
  • It is a platform where literary and journalistic potential of students is showcased and celebrated, motivating them to bring afore the best of themselves.

Educure Edition 6: Following the tradition, OEC is publishing the edition VI of Educure magazine. the annual theme of the magazine is Climate Change and Digital Literacy. Moreover, it will highlight the success stories of students from across Gilgit-Baltistan, remarkable pieces of literature by both students and teachers, and interviews of renowned personalities that have played a vital role in the development of the vicinity.


  • Successfully launched 5 editions of the magazine and disseminated its copies across Gilgit-Baltistan.
  • Educure III won the best project of Youth Micro Challenge Award (YMCA) of Aga Khan Rural and Support Program (AKRSP) for the year 2014

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