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Educure Background

The name ‘Educure’ is of utmost importance as it is a composite of two words i.e. Education and Cure. These two words when put together represent a solution of ignorance and decline of the society. ‘Education is a cure’ becomes the most feasible and practical resolution in order to bring about positive change in the society. Taking this motive into consideration, OEC releases an annual bilingual magazine which provides most of the remedies to remove the educational backwardness of the people of remote areas like that of Gilgit Baltistan.

This magazine aims to provide all education related information and news to the students of Gilgit Baltistan. The magazine also promises to provide a way to access the outside world for the local students who do not have internet access. Moreover, it acts to bring out the literary and journalistic potentials of the students by publishing articles written by them. The magazine brings together, students of different areas and communities and helps to bridge the differences between them. Further, it also tries to give international level exposure to its intended readers through the different contacts of the Educure team.



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