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The World faces a number of complex and challenging environmental problems ranging from global warming to loss of biodiversity and Pakistan is no exception, In Pakistan with well over  180 million people we face a range of environmental challenges from deforestation , land degradation and biodiversity loss to air and water pollution and solid waste. There is much hand writing about the terrible state of environment accompanied by the usual refrain of government apathy, as well as calls for action. The irony of this is inescapable on one hand while we blame the government for mismanaging environment; on other it is same state that we look for relief. It is imperative for us to break out this “gloom and doom: mindset and depending on government to solve our problems. Each and every one of us should contribute in protection, conservation, rehabilitation of natural environment and Sustainable development.

5th June is celebrated as environment day worldwide ,the objective behind this is to create awareness among individuals towards environments .Though Environment is not an issue of a single day still we all untedily celebrate this day to make our self more concern about our environment . We have to join hands and should play a role to make our environment clean and green. Now its our duty to make people aware of issues and problems related to environments and we The human being should not be reason for environmental degradation and we have to minimize such activities which cause environmental destruction instead we should protect and conserve it for future generations.

We have only one planet. It’s our home. And home to millions of other lives. Keep it green. Keep it clean. Take baby steps – fix that leaking tap, recycle your coke can and add another plant to your balcony. Every effort helps. You do have the power to make a difference.

Anila Hayat

(The writer is a BSc(Hon) student at IIUI, majoring  in Environmental Sciences)

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