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Educational Expos: Hunza Serries


Departure from Gilgit: On August 23, 2011 our team of OEC moved to Hunza Valley for OEC Educational Expo serries 2011, at sharp 8:00 am. Our team consisted of Madam Shah Bano (AKES’P), Imtiaz Ali Taj (LUMS), Waseem Khan (NUST), LIaqat Karim (NUST), Nazia Wajid (NUST), Jibran Hayat (FAST), Imran Ahmad (COMSATS), Iftikhar Ahmad (COMSATS), Sania Yousaf (Bahria), Tarick Amin (Sir Syed) and Muhammad Aman Shah (KIU).

Session at Aliabad: Our team reached  Aliabad Hunza at 12:30pm for the  session with students. 24 students participated in the session. Students of class 9th, 10th, 11th and 12th attained the session. Any how our team entertained them collectively as well as individually. We presented a general presentation regarding the opportunities and the services provided by public and private sectors in various fields to furnish the careers of students. Then we gave proper time to individual students to make the session more fruitful and effective. Meanwhile a group of our team members also assigned some activities to access the students’ targets and goals.

Session at Hyderabad: After a successful session at Aliabad we went to Hyderabad at 6:00 pm. There were around 120 students from all over the Hyderabad cluster. Our team was confident and was encouraged by the crowed. Unfortunately we could not conclude our session due to shortage of time; however our team experts gave full information about the field of engineering; as majority of the students were willing to set a career in the field of engineering.

Session at AKHSS, Karimabad: On August 24, 2011 our team reached at AKHSS, Hunza, Karimabad at 9:30 am. A big crowed of around 170 students inspired our team, with bright and shining dreams about their future careers. An enriched literal and civilized environment was provided by the family of AKHSS, Hunza. Our team had the same schedule that we followed at Aliabad. It was an excellent and fruitful session. Our team also learned a lot of strategies for future planning of such similar sessions.

Report by:
M Aman Ali Shah
BSc(hon) Karakorum International University. Gilgit
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