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The Young researcher of Gilgit Baltistan | Displayed the Quality of Education

The young boy who stunned the Top University Students of Pakistan!!

A young 19 years boy, Studying in Punjab college of Information Technology  and doing FSc, Surprised everyone when he got the first prize in the event “youth researcher” beating student researchers of the top universities of Pakistan like NUST, LUMS, GIKI and other renowned institutions during Pakistan Mathematical Olympiad and young researchers Conference in Ghulam Ishaq Khan Institute (GIKI).

Ehsam Was Yesterday Awarded with the Award of Excellence by Punjab Group of Colleges and Punjab education task force

Ehsam ullah baig the young researcher

And more luckily and surprisingly the boy belonged to Gilgit Baltistan.

He is Ehsam Ullah Baig, Belonging to Gulmit Gojal, born in Giligit in November 1991, Started his education from Al-Azhar Model School Gilgit. Then studied in Public Schools & Colleges Gilgit. Now he is in PCIT in Islamabad.

The OEC team reached Ehsam and requested him to let us know about his work. We are very thankful to Ehsam for his kind cooperation and we also congratulate him on his Success. We wish him a very bright future.

Bellow is the Story that Ehsam has shared with us.

About me:
I was not an intelligent and extra ordinary student from childhood. I always was a mediocre student. But, physics was my favorite subject. I always loved to work related to physics. Last year when I was in 1st year, I read a chapter in my physics book which was about “Resonance”. I took interest in it and started to think about it. In that chapter, I learned about the destruction of “Tacoma Bridge” which was a suspension bridge in USA, which was collapsed after 3 months of its construction. I took a point from its destruction that was “as there are number of suspension bridges in GB why they are still in their working condition? that was my point and that was the starting brick of my work.>
Research work:

Ehsam recieving the award at GIKI
Ehsam Recieving the winning Award in GIKI

I started work to find the reason of the destruction of Tacoma Bridge. In the month of July i went to Gilgit and started to study about the suspension bridges. I took under consideration the “Suspension Bridge Of Danyore” (near KIU). I studied about it in detail. Then I started to write my research in an appropriate form. When I was writing my paper an idea came in my mind to make this effect as a LAW of physics. As I was writing my paper I got an invitation of a Youth Researcher Conference which was held in GIK(Ghulam Ishaq Khan Institute).I finalized my paper and send it to that conference my abstract was selected. They called me to attend the conference which was held by the end of September. I went to GIK which no doubt is one of the best engineering university of Pakistan. I was shocked when i saw the participants of the conference three students were from LUMS and 3 from GIKI and they were doing there BS. I was the only college student from Pakistan. I was first time presenting my work in such big event. We all were seated in a big hall on the day. My presentation was on 4th number. When the comparer called me on the stage I just said “Oh God!! Help me please”.  But when I went on stage I was full of confidence but don’t know how it happened I presented my work in 25 minutes and 10 minutes were for cross questions from the judges and audience there were national and international judges who were judging my work and a large number of students from different universities, colleges and schools from Pakistan. Everyone appreciated my work which made me happier and satisfactory. The other thing which I liked there was the events which were organized by GIK for us. Lectures of the well known educationist of our country and etc.



It was again a surprising news for me when In the closing ceremony during the prize distribution it was announced that I got the award of “Presenting Best Technical Paper” .I was not believing my ears. I also got the award of “Excellence” from Punjab group of colleges after performing in GIKI. I am also nominated for “Green award of Distinction” and I was really very happy when last night got an email from GIK that I am elected as a Youth Ambassador of GIK. And I hope still many awards are waiting for me


I never get inspired from anyone in my life. I always inspire from myself because I know I can do everything that I want. I was inspired from my mind before starting my research work i examine my ability and I came to the point that I am going do this. A very interesting thing about me is that everyone thinks that I have got good percentage in my Exams but I never got good marks in my life I have got only 60 percent in matric and 75 percent in my FSc. I never believe in good marks, I believe in excellence only

Message to youth:

Ehsam presenting his work at GIKI
Presentation of research

Set a goal, believe in yourself and just go for should be the limit and be proud being a Pakistani. Serve for your nation, don’t think for yourself always and for science students only I will tell that make new researches in your fields.


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