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A Debate on Global Peace | Is Peace achievable ?

Is Peace achievable? The younger generations thoughts.

This was a Question raised by a young lady Aaliya Yasmeen Khan of a facebook group name”Global Friends for Peace” and in the response some other members of the group had some interesting discussions. It turned into a very meaningful debate,  the exact question that was asked was
“Is Peace achievable? hmmm is it??….well yes Peace is achievable. We currently have the knowledge, technology and infrastructure to achieve peace. So what is the problem? Motivation? World leaders are motivated to work together in co-operation to achieve world peace (hence a management or leadership problem). And the world’s people have not been motivated to motivate their political leaders (a civic problem). What should we do as an individual to bring peace in the entire world… If not in the entire world in our own community?”

In response to the question Khayam Muhammad Beg, Xafar Amna, Ali Taj and Abid Karim Tashi added their thoughts along with them Aaliya herself was participating in the discussion as well. Cheryl Carruth was also monitoring the discussion, and giving feedback

According to  Khayam Muhammad Beg “We dont know. .. How to love? If we start loving . Peace will be achieved. Right now we are in a misbelief that we know how to love ? Want to find peace? Than we need to search peace inside our selves… Litting the candle of peace wig in our selves first..”
While Xafar Aamna only added that acceptance is required to bring peace.

Imtia Ali Taj took an important dimension, i.e political point of view and said “It is impossible till big brothers of world learn not to make use of helplessness and weakness of younger ones their favorite good in market of power politics! Secondly, it is impossible till younger ones learn to raise themselves up and try to be self dependant not on big bros. Nowadays, we see one side severe dependence of youngers on big bros, in returns big bros abuse it resulting into backfires from some younger ones, creating wild cummotions in world!” the statement was praised by four of them

Aaliya was disagreeing to Ali but she did not mention the reason or there was no any further explanation,

Abid Karim Tashi taking the human behavior into account explained the other dimension as “In a world where due to materialism it has become difficult to foster and achieve peace even at your home level, it is quite difficult to bring peace at global scale. ” further adding he said “what we can do is just vote for the right person and it is very difficult to get a leader who thinks about bringing peace at global scale.” he also touched the political design that has been set up for the people to deal with the global community.

In response to Tashi, Aaliya said “you are talking about voting which means politics, which is not gonna bring peace. whether we choose the right person or not…”


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