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Bimonthly Think-In: |Ellusion:The Band|

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Bimonthly Think In                                                                                 1 Dec-15 Dec 2011

   winners of battle of bands 2009, Islamabad

 |Ellusion:The Band|

The OEC authorship

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Mr Sartaj Karim: Team Ellusion

Ellusion=illusion. “E” known for style and attraction and ellusion means innovation of new ideas ( Illusionism in art). Music, known as the food for soul. we like to prepare healthy and tasty food though. 🙂  Now comes a distinct thing existing in our band: we are working to introduce a new genre of music like Junoon did (sufi rock). and the details will b published soon. but let me tell you guys that we are working on our cultural music, thinking to make a fusion of it  by the melody of western instruments.

Ellusion, standing on the shoulders of 4 zealous artist, who perceive music as their belief and reason of life. they are student by profession and artist by heart. they believe that music is the source of changing the imagination into practicality, these four boys have are friends by relation and they also think that the bond in between them is also because of music…… I still remember when I was in class 8th and residing in Gilgit, and my friend Sohail Romy in abbotabad, we returned to village to spend our vacations. I was surprised to see the way he was playing the guitar, and I was glad to see his love towards music. I was also interested in music and much interested in keyboard, so we started gigging together and built a good combination but we were not matured enough to emerge as a band and our experiences were not that much matured. But we admired to form a band in future. Later on In sep 2006 it was a lucky month for us. Mr. Romy recorded his first song at “Bomb beat” studio Abbotabad with the help of Haider Hashmi (zulfi) guitarist of AAROH band. Then we shifted to Islamabad for higher education and we were having a good platform to form a band. We got a lead guitarist Mr. Shafa and Tanveer as a rhythm guitarist. We were known as Krumianx the band but later on we changed the name of our band as Ellusion the band.

Music is a mode for treating minds and beliefs if felt from the heart. I can say quite confidently that if today’s youth get indulge in these sort of activities nothing can detract their minds towards bad activities. Music can be used as a tool for awareness and bringing positive changes in societies. Being an artist we are also working on a motivational song covering the social issues of our society which will be released soon Inshallah. Off course our customs are endangered but culture in our view is something non static, it can change but the essence should remain as it was in the past era of our ancestors. We can save our culture by promoting, practicing and reviewing it. Gilgit-Baltistan is well known for its beauty and diversity, our message to the youth would be that remain united, and stress on the positive aspects of diversity, a time will come when Gilgit baltistan will emerge as a role model for the entire world.

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