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Bimonthly Think-In: Anila Shafa First Female LUMS NOP Scholar of GB

The Educure

Bimonthly Think In                                                                                     15 -30 Dec 2011

 An Exclusive Interview with
First female LUMS NOP Scholar from GB

|Anila Shafa| 

Part One

Educure: Tell us about your background.


I was brought up and educated in Hunza, I have ended up in LUMS to pursue a degree in Economics. I did my primary schooling from Hunza Model High School Aliabad. Followed by admission at AKHSS, Hunza to explore myself at secondary and higher secondary level. I achieved my higher secondary school certificate for pre-engineering in 2009. In the last quarter of the same year I joined LUMS for my undergraduate study program.

Why this university?

I have always believed in exploring new areas and places of study. LUMS is one of such places which not only must be discovered rather it will assist me discover myself.

Moreover, this university was considered to be the ONLY one, which none of the GB female students could get into. This dilemma coaxed me to make it to it so that one day I would confidently say that nothing can be left unconquered, once one’s will is strong enough to vanquish every standards of difficulty. Also, I wanted to be an example for all those students who lost belief in themselves and their competent abilities. But, now am quite sure that more students especially females of GB are struggling their ways to be here someday.
Akhss Hunza

Why Economics?

Preferring economics as my major was because, recently the changing world economic order has given a timely impetus to specialize in it. The unpredictable recession in the economies of developed countries worldwide has plunged my interest deeper into the vast waters of economics. I would like to contribute to the struggling societies through the implementation of innovative policies which will address the core issues that under-developed nations face today.

Ideal job/Dream job.

A job which involves the betterment of the deprived, my community and my nation has been always a dream. Considering this, my ideal job would be any development sector in Pakistan or abroad.


I have got bits of inspiration from many people whom I have encountered so far. This has lead to development of my inspiration from narrow horizons to broader ones at many points in time. And I consider myself on that path of growth which will never end as long as I am at a stage of learning every now and then.

However, I must mention those five GB, LUMS’ students who came to my college to give the career counseling session focusing their university and its details. Since that day, I had dreamed of being in their position and delivering my speech to juniors one day. And through my writing today, I am fulfilling that silent longing.

Mentioning a few more people, who inspired me were all those successful students who made GB proud and their parents in particular. Also, my instructors in school, college, and university have contributed building me, by giving me inspiration in their own simple ways.

Define success? How successful do you’ve been so far?

For me, success is finding oneself at the right time for the right reasons of self obligation, leadership and service. I am trying hard and giving my best to be able to achieve it one day. For now, I think I am heading in the right direction.

To be continued…

Coming in Part two: The toughest time of  education, motivation, role of finance, choice of studying abroad or local, challenges and message for upcoming students, and also a message for parents about female education and life at LUMS.

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