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|General Discussion|: NATO Attacks Pakistan, What Next?

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|OEC| General Discussion                                                                                    3 Dec 2011

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 |OEC|General Discussion

|General Discussion|: NATO Attacks Pakistan, What Next?

|GD 01| Topic: After the US attacks do u really think Pakistan should continue it’s  war against terrorism.. Is it more like american war for oil,coal,water,nuclear assets?

Question was raised Naubahar Ameen Rafi

Nur Muhammad( A Social & Human Rights Activist)
Sajid I barcha ( A critical thinker and student)
Jibran Hayat ( Student FAST-NU)
Imtiaz Ali (Student LUMS)
Irshad Malick(Student NUST EME)
Hajat Chand( A leftist)


Based on discussions on the OEC General Discussion, a facebook forum, we adopt the following resolution.

  • We agree that NATO’s strike on Pakistan Troops is unacceptable and must be condemned.
  • We condemn the actions of all countries/governments/state organizations, including Pakistan, that result in destabilization of fragile nations, for political or other gains.
  • We condemn the actions of governments/state organizations/groups that jeopardize the lives and integrity of innocent citizens of the global community.
  • We agree that fundamentalism (state sponsored or otherwise) is a major issue that needs to be dealt, by the state of Pakistan, as well as the society.
  • We suggest that short-term and long-term actions by the state can help curb the menace of militancy which is an existential threat for the state.
  • We conclude that dialogue shall continue at all levels.

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