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Inspiration | An Addition to PhD Scholars of Gilgit-Baltistan

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Inspiration                                                                                                              20 Dec 2011

An Addition to Phd Scholars of GB
|Dr. Aman Karim |

According to a notification issued by the Karachi University, Dr. Aman Karim, a resident of Shimhsal Valley, Gojal – Hunza, has been awarded the degree of Ph.D in Chemistry. He is one of the 18 people who got the distinctions in different fields of arts and sciences.

Dr. Aman is the first person from the remote and disaster hit Gojal Valley to win this honour.

Dr. Aman  completed his doctorate research studying partly at the HEJ Research Institute for Chemistry, Karachi, and partly at the Oxford University

Dr. Aman , as part of the HEC spilt PhD scholarshp program. The Oxford University has published the research findings of Dr. Aman, related to “Natural Product Chemistry and Material Sciences”. Dr. Aman’s complete thesis work will be available at the HEC website within a few days.

Aman started his education from the Federal Government Boys Middle School Shimshal, from where he moved to F.G Boys High School Gulmit and further to the Government Degree College Gilgit, where he completed F.Sc, in pre-medical..

Karim’s journey of learning continued at the prestigious Government College Lahore and later at the Islamaabad based Quaid-e-Azam University, where he got the degree of M.Sc in Chemistry. He later went to the Husein Ebrahim Jamal (HEJ) Research Institute of Chemistry to complete a degree of M.Phil leading to PhD.

Dr. Aman,  dedicated his academic achievements to his parents, family, teachers, community members, friends and all well-wishers.

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