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Students Update: Gbianz Sweep at Intel Science Fair 2011

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Students Update                                                                                                    26 Dec 2011

Students of Aga Khan Higher Secondary School, Gilgit Excelled

|Shah Kamal Wins Three Awards|

Inter-provincial Science Fair 2011, Islamabad

 A science fair recently held  under the supervision of ministry of education Pakistan and Intel Education  in Islamabad where some groups from Aga Khan Higher Secondary School Gilgit, Gilgit Baltistan competed. There were 5 categories i.e Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Computer Science and Maths in which students from different schools participated. It was a Provisional level Science Fair, in which AKHSS, Gilgit outclassed all other schools earning most of awards in all categories.

Details are as following:

In chemistry

Shah Akmal:

Hailing fron Yaseen Ghizar, of class 12th Pre-engineering; has received three awards:

  • Best of category
  • Participation 
  • Grand prize 

In Physics category

Three students received participation and best of category awards.

  • Mohsin Aziz Singarian, Ghakuch (Ghizar),
  • Akhter Hussain Sherliat Nagar (Hunza-Nagar)
  • Salam Ahmed Wafee,  Hunza (Hunza-nagar)

Additionaly, Zaheer and Pervaiz have received awards in category of chemistry 

Over all, its a great  achievement because most of the projects and categories have been won by Akhss, Gilgit among all provincial schools. Its  brilliant to see extraordinary performance  by Gbians, it shows that GB has a great talent in field of research, invention and innovation.

A report by:

Mohsin Aziz
AKHSS, Gilgit

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