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An exclusive interview with US Global Undergrad Cultural Ambassadors

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 Bimonthly Think-In: Exclusive                                                                    4 Jan 2012

An exclusive interview with US Global Undergrad Cultural Ambassadors
|Sajid, Aqeela, Sumara |


Global UGRAD Exchange Students of Gilgit-Baltistan

Nine brilliant students selected by Global UGRAD Exchange Program have departed to US to continue their studies in various colleges and universities in a full-time one semester non degree program. These students include Aqeela Muheen, Aniqa Ghulam, Sajid Ali , Kaleem Ullah, Abdul Mateen, Amna Yar Baig, Sumara Kanwal,Yasmeen and Mohsin Hassan. Aqeela and Aniqa, are the students of Fatima Jinnah University, Rawalpindi, in BS Environmental Sciences and BS Economics respectively. Sajid and Kaleem are part of GC, University Lahore doing BS Chemistry and BS Economics, respectively. Abdul Mateen BS Phy, Amna & Sumara BS CS and Yasmeen BS Bio are from Karakuram International University, Gilgit while Mohsin is doing Electrical Engineering from UET, Taxila. The EDUCURE asked a few questions from the students before their departure to the U.S. Aqeela Muheen and Sajid Ali and Sumara Kanwal were available to have a talk with us. Their collective interview is presented here for the readers.

The Educure: How do you feel to be part of Global UGRAD Exchange Program?

Aqeela: “I feel pretty good and of course, feel proud of being one of the selected students of this exchange program and I’m also excited enough to explore life in US”

Sajid: “I feel extremely privileged and excited about my selected among thousands of the candidates throughout the country. This selection is always an honor and prestige”.

Sumara: “I’m really happy as one of my dreams is coming true and this is one of the first steps toward my success”

Educure: What do you think is your role as an exchange student/cultural ambassador abroad and how would you accomplish this very task?

Aqeela: “Well, my role as an exchange student is of course to represent my country in a better way, to understand the cultural aspects of both the countries. To accomplish this task I will try my best to present each and every aspect of our culture and will be embodiment of peaceful people”

Sajid: “Well, an ambassador is always representative. Since, this is a cultural cum academic program so we will keep remembering the motto; Academic Excellence, Cultural Coherence and Exchange”

Educure: Would you like to tell us what was the uniqueness or capability that brought you among   the few selected students from a high-pool of candidates?

Aqeela:  Yeah, that’s an interesting question. I feel, I always have a strong commitment towards any task in my life. I really wished to be selected for this program. When I was in the first semester of my bachelors, I applied for it but couldn’t get selected due to form-incompletion. I got disappointed but was resilient enough to apply again and got selected.  I think, if you have strong commitment and devotion towards any task, then surely success is all yours.
Sajid:  I think it was my representation skills and originality in me. I remained truthful and straight-forward my interview and other necessary formalities.
Sumara: Getting this job done is not a big deal; it’s deep in our blood as we all are human beings. I am blessed with the spirit of hard work and lots of encouragement and support from my family, friends and my teachers which is the only reason of my selection.

Educure:  Any message would you like to convey for the students who are interested to be  part of such programs of the kind?

Aqeela:  This is such an auspicious and outstanding program that enables a student to learn a lot. A good opportunity to have enough exposure, experience and learn among different nationalities and cultures. Do apply and avail the opportunity, you will see the difference
Sajid : My message to the desirous students is that socialize your life as much as you can, only bookish knowledge is not enough for a successful life.
Sumara:  I would request all to keep working hard, as a day comes when you have the fruit of hard work in your hand and the day comes when you are proud of what you are.

Sumara: My role as an exchange student/cultural ambassador is to share the rich things of my culture and to learn the diversity in the US, to learn the best things and in turn, try to implement them back in my homeland.

By Naveed Hussein

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