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Bimonthly Think-In: An Exclusive Interview with Muhammad Naeem

Exclusive Interview With An Ideal Student of Cadet College Skardu (CCS)
|Muhammad Naeem|
Only cadet who secured his name twice on the Princpal’s honour list of Cadet College Skardu, Gilgit-Baltistan

The Educure: Tell us something about your academic background?

I studied at Army Public school Skardu till class 8. Then I got admission at Cadet College Skardu. After completing my intermediate,I joined King Edward Medical University.

The Educure:Your aim of life?
To live a respectable and satisfied life.

The Educure: Who influenced you?
My parents. Then Allama Iqbal.

The Educure: Define success?
After an achievement when you feel that you have been justly rewarded.

The Educure: Challenging period in your academic life?

Exams are still the challenging periods in my academic life.

 The Educure: Role of money in education?
Ideally it shouldn’t play any role but nowadays it has become indispensable.

The Educure: Difference between rural and urban education?
Rural education does not even qualify the definition of ”education”.

The Educure: Define education?
A channel through which a person learns how to appreciate himself and his surroundings.

The Educure: How you define failure?
An inability to accomplish a thing that one is capable of.

The Educure: Role of education in personal development?
Education does not mean ”ability to read or write”. An illiterate person is educated if his personal behaviours are morally acceptable.

The Educure: Any community service you done?
I wish I find a chance.

The Educure: Any suggestion?

Perseverance is the key to success. OEC must be vibrant and active at all the levels of the society.         Best for OEC.

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