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GBFL in NUST concluded. Students Proved the sectarian brotherhood

GBFL in NUST concluded. Students Proved the sectarian brotherhood

Gilgit Baltistan Futsal League

A successful futsal (mini football) event was organized by NGBians (NUST GBians, organization of the students belonging to Gilgit Baltistan in National University of Sciences and technology, Islamabad) in the university today. Four teams of GB students participated in the event and after four days of successful efforts the event came to an end.









The teams that participated in the event were

  1. GB tigers
  2. Julay Laal GB
  3. GB Spartacus
  4. GB united FC

After the league matches today Julay Laal GB and GB Tigers played the final match, Julay Laal GB beated GB Tigers 4-2 and won the title. Akbar Ali captain of the team congratulated the whole members of the NGBians for the successful event.

Mr. Amjad Abaj Saaka (senior most) advised the students to stay together in the difficult time and prove the real feelings among the people of Gilgit Baltistan. The students expressed their grieves about the situations in Gilgit Baltistan and reiterated that they will remain strong together as brothers and sisters of Gilgit Baltistan and fight for the peace and prosperity of the region.

NGBians is an exemplary union of students in NUST; all the students prior to any sectarian, linguistic or regional differences live together like a family and have created an environment of harmony and understanding. Students belonging to other region/provinces in the university are inspired by the unity of the students.

It is not only in case of NUST but in all the other institutes around the country the youth of Gilgit Baltistan live together in unity and their unity is exemplary everywhere, the elder generations must get an inspiration from the thoughts of these young minds and foster unity among themselves too. May Allah pave the path of success to the visionary youth of GB and help them in making Gilgit Baltistan peaceful and prosperous. Aameen!



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