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Lets just stay strong, all will be fine

Lets just stay strong, all will be fine

“So indulged we were in the world till


But to our surprise life took a new

turn one day

Leaving all the folks stunned

Dragging all into a war couldn’t be

win by guns

Battles have been fought every now

and then

For power, money and fame amongst


A distinct war it was, never have

been faught

Humans stood altogether, who

would’ve thought

Detached by hate, color and class

Unified by an infection what an irony

it was

Warriors were fighting at hospitals

and wards

With love and care, not with swords

“Stay at home, don’t go out”

“Otherwise you’ll catch virus” they

said it loud

Witnessed something way too terrific

Proud of all those striving this


Corona in other words a dreadful


Meanwhilst taught us a meaningful


No matter how much life is hard

We gotta keep faith in God

The world which was thought as

full of sly

Now was seeking mercy from sky

None could go out, all stuck at home

But families by our sides we weren’t


When the world is facing hardest of times

Let’s just stay strong, all will be fine”


Poetry by Mojiza Baig


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