Organization for Educational Change (OEC)

Bridging the Energies

We are particularly at a very critical stage in the world. Where there is dire need of collaboration and mutual cooperation between the developed and developing countries in different sectors. which includes economy, health care, education ,improvement in infrastructure, skill development and many others. There is another crucial section of society which is needed to be addressed, harnessed and to be bridged between developed and developing countries, that is youth which carry enormous amount of energy which indeed is a vital force for real change in the developing countries.

Fresh blood through out the human history has been a critical variable for change in the society. To meet the challenges around the Globe mentioned above can be resolved by the bridging the energies, that means connecting the youth of developed countries with the developing countries. This can be done at regional, national or at international level with the help of different non governmental organizations, public sector organizations and different agencies. With the initiation of such  which will encourage and engage the youth of developing countries

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