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Meeting Standards: Hasan Sadhpara

In abyss of chaos and demoralization, there comes a ray of hope, an embodiment of courage and resilience which is inbuilt in this nation. He has shown the world that no matter whatsoever circumstances, we are in; we will strike back with our full potential and energy.

Hasan Sadpara , a veteran of Gilgit-Baltistan, the second Pakistani conqueror of Mount Everest, who made it under severe circumstances on top of Mount Everest. It is expression of the great audacity, pliability and confidence our nation has. The only thing as a nation we need is to give a start, then we will see a snowball effect, one by one all of our problems will get eliminated.

A special tribute, salam and heartiest felicitations to the great son of our nation.
Team OEC

A coverage by well known TV Anchor Talat Tussein
Meeting Standards:Hasan Saadhpara

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