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Meet Elite Minds: A PhD Candidate at Harvard & Claremont University US

An inspiration, an answer, and a solution to all in general, but particularly to the ones for whom high grades and best institutions have been barriers to excel in educational life, for the ones who perceive that excellence is only for A graders and students of best institutes. He has unproven the dogma that only A graders and students of best institutions can excel in life. He has given a roadmap and a guideline for thousands of average and under average students. He has proved that to excel; one has to be consistent, courageous, and confident.

Among elite minds of world:

He started his elementary schooling from Al Azhar Model School and College Gilgit. After completing high school from Public School College, he went for  BSc from Govt Gordon College Rawalpindi , after that he completed his masters in Economics from Quaid-i-Azam University. Then, he went to University of Glasgow for masters in Development Studies. He completed his masters with distinction securing a “gold medal”. Nowadays, he is a candidate for PhD in Interfield Economics-Politics (specialization Development Economics in Economics and Public Policy in Politics)

And, the greatest achievement in his journey of educational excellence is that despite studying at  simple colleges and academically being a normal student, he ended up securing admission as a Phd candidate for three consecutive summer semesters in one of top  three universities of world “Harvard University” United States. He is the Fulbright Scholar for his PhD.

What next?

A Community Leader:

Thousands in this world shine for themselves but few in thousands stand out for their community, region and country. He is the one who left lucrative jobs in west to serve his people, community and country in a time when everyone either literate or illiterate wants to flee the country. He started a chain of commerce and economics colleges and high schools, foreseeing immense potential in field of commerce and economics in Gilgit-Baltistan. He is serving as Head of Economics Department in the nascent university of Gilgit-baltistan: Karakorum International University (KIU). He  aims to make it a center of excellence in the country.

Additionally, he is the one who truly understands the youth, how they feel about their society and how could they contribute towards betterment of their society. Currently, he is leading this youth led initiative “organization for educational change” as the Patron In Chief.

A Researcher:

Let me say, the core reason for his excellence despite being a normal student academically; is his strong instincts to innovate, invent, bring in new things  and change generally held dogmas. He has worked as research fellow at Mahbub Ul Haq Human Development Center where he has written background papers for Human Development South Asia Report 2009. He has produced original research in which he validated that Pakistani population being rich in income is deprived in many other aspects of wellbeing

So,Who is he?

Mr Saranjam Baig, son of Mr Ghulam M Baig , a veteran of village Haiderabad Hunza valley, Gilgit-Baltistan. A son of an uneducated yet a visionary lady, who successfully, guided him on his journey of educational excellence.  He is the one with a vision to create an excellent institute of commerce and economics paralleling the best universities of country.

And, with  highly valuable achievements in past his journey of change continues…………………


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