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Visions: “I Have A Dream For GB”


I Have a Dream for GB

The history of Gilgit Baltistan has been turbulent especially in terms of leadership and legal rights. Despite the fact that GB is rich in natural beauty and resources, we have been kept deprived of our basic rights. Let us make a pledge to bring happiness, prosperity and above all peace to the region. It is said that after dusk there is a dawn; and I am sure to say that it should be our dawn. We can only bring a ray of hope for the local people if the talented and educated youth is allowed to enter in politics. Let us define for all of us what politics is? It is not telling lies, it is not deception, it is not corruption; but if done honestly, it is one of the most important duties of serving humanity through visionary leadership and dedicated services.

When it comes to vision, let me bring to lime light what my vision is. I have a dream to bring this society at par with international communities in terms of social services and thriving economy without damaging the values and customs of our culture. We have diverse cultural heritage and that needs to be capitalized on. To begin with, we need to strengthen the only cradle of learning and knowledge in GB i.e. Karakoram International University. We have to make it a place which spreads fragrance of knowledge, fraternity, mutual trust, brotherhood, tolerance, respect for other languages, cultures, communities of interpretation and above all – humanity.

The politicians are not masters rather they are the voices of common people. It is time when the government institutions should come to people and ask about their needs, demands, and aspirations whilst developing long terms plans in a participatory manner. Each government office should be available for any of us- where we can enter and share our problems instead of blasting those offices. We should get help from the government officials instead of beating them and killing them.

I would like to see this society as an egalitarian one which promotes justice and equality. No one’s rights would be snatched by anyone but if someone tries to grab one’s right, he/she will be brought to justice. We need to remember that media is our voice and it can be so strong if we lend it our best support. No one would be allowed to abuse media for personal gains. Neither a media person nor industry will be allowed to play with the rights of those who are unheard. Let us support a fair and transparent media. Let us protect the rights of women and underprivileged people in the best possible way.

I see GB as one of the best destinations for visitors from all over the world and let us make it the safest place on earth. We can do so if we really mean to do. Let us respect the soil and in return we will get much more ahead beyond our imagination and expectations. Let us have dreams for our soil and join hands together to turn those dreams into reality..

By Mr Sultan Ahmad

Assistant Professor, Communications Studies

Karakorum International University(KIU),





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