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Exclusive Report:Cadet College Skardu Passing out 2011



On 14th of June 2011, passing out parade of 6th entry held at Cadet College Skardu. On this great occasion Chief Minister Gilgit Baltistan Syed Mehdi Shah was the chief guest. The Guest of Honour of this passing out parade was FCNA commander Major General Ikram ul Haq. Chief Sectary Gilgit Baltistan Saifullah Chatta was also present at this sacred program.


Address of Principal Cadet College Skardu

In his address to guests, parents and cadets the principal highlighted the following points:

1.  The main objective of the college is to impart quality education to the students of Gilgit Baltistan.

2.  The college also pays attention to strengthen the unity of nation by imparting education to all students of Pakistan equally.

3.  After the arrival of new brigadier at college as principal all the pending construction projects has been restarted. It includes mosque, cafeteria, computer lab, shopping mall and post office etc.

4.  The college has also started a primary school and construction of multipurpose hall and squash court.

5.  In his address to the outgoing entry he said, “Dear Cadets you are now the part of the society which is outside this college. You have to face lot of challenges and you should standby with all the challenges. Always remember the things which have been taught to you during your stay at this college. I congratulate you, your parents and your teacher at this occasion.


Address of Chief Minister

Chief Minister Syed Mehdi Shah highlighted the following points:

1.  He thanks the principal Cadet College Skardu to invite him as chief guest of this passing out parade.

2.  He congratulates all those cadets who got prizes due to their brilliant performance in different activities.

3.  He paid his thanks to previous[X] FCNA commander, the present FCNA commander and Field Marshal General Kiyani who helped him a lot assigning an in-service brigadier at the college.

4.  He promised to increase financial support to the college and also allotted new land to the college.

5.  He said to the cadets, “you are the part of our society, life outside this college is a race and you have to win the race even you have to pay great sacrifice for it.”



1. BEST VOLLEY BALL Player of 2010-2011

Cadet Naseer ul Hassan of Nangaparbat House


2. Best Football Player of 2010-2011

Cadet Mudabbir Ali of Nangaparbat House


3. Best Basket Player of 2010-2011

Cadet Bilal afraid of Siachen House


4. Best in academics

Cadet Khaleel Ahmed of Siachen House

5.Best Cadet of the Year

Cadet Waqas Johar of Siachen House

6. Champion House of Year 2010-1011




1.  March in of parade commander, Nishandars and other cadet’s house wise.

2.  Arrival of Chief Minister as Chief Guest.

3.  Arrival of FCNA commander Major Genral Ikramul Haq.

4.  Address of Principal CCS.

5.  Address of Chief Guest.

6.   Flag changing for Champion House.

7.  Prize distribution.

8.  March out of 2nd Year class.

9.  March out of other House.


After the passing out parade ceremony Major General Ikramul Haq inaugurated the multipurpose hall and Squash Court.

Report by
Syed Mehdi Shah
OEC Cordinator, Baltistan
OEC Blog Exclusive


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