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A piece of instructions to the new admission seeking students!

A piece of Instructions to the new admission seeking students

Dear Students:

I feel, you all will be in quandary situation that where you should take admission and what kind of program and university you should chose? How you will compensate the high expenses starting from the admission fee to the regular semester fee? These are some perplexing questions which really put students into difficulty.

Choice of Field(Career,Department):

1- Firstly, God has decided the best place and field for you.This should be your first and strong belief.

2- Secondly, you know we are living in a society which is a dominant factor in determining the filed of our study. Our parents,our friends and even the common people really influence us both positively and negatively in the matter of our choice. This is the most worrying situation where your parents direct you in one direction and your friends are moving in another direction and you are in the middle thinking about what to do next. Some people blindly follow their friends and chose a field/University which they are not supposed to chose. Be careful here and don’t let others to influence you negatively.

3- Thirdly be confident and trust in yourself. Think what you want to do and what kind of nature and aptitude you have? If you have the desire and will power to do a specific job, then don’t stop, move-forward and approach the university which offers it. Now with such self-motivation and commitment you can prove a common university & field a best place and career for yourself no matter what the world is doing.

4- Fourthly, before applying to a particular university make sure that the university and the field of your choice is recognized by HEC (PEC) etc. These are the things which initially often students don’t know and later on they face troubles.

How to deal Financial Problems:

It is a fact that we are living in a country where standard education demands to much money and we belong to a part of it where most of the people can’t afford their children to get such expensive education. This is something very deterrent and depressing which mitigates the morale of financially weak students. For dynamic and multi-approach students this is not a factor of worrying. Get into a university, search and find out the scholarships and financial add. If your university doesn’t facilitate you in this regard again don’t need to be worried because there are other benevolent and charity organizations which can support you. You may also approach different banks because many of the banks offer interest free loans. You can get a loan from there and can easily continue your education.

Shakir Hussain Shakir

GCU Lahore.

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