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Rahimullah Baig the special athlete of GB Representing Pakistan In Athens Special Olympics 2011

World Special Olympics 2011, Athens




Athletics/Track and Field
AT 1500M Run
Division M3
Bib #368
Score: 5 min, 8.06 sec
Date: 29 June

Rahimullah Baig



Rahimullah Baig, son of Shukullah Baig, hailing from village Oshikhandass of District Gilgit, secured a silver medal at 1500 and 800 meter race for Pakistan Team A in Athens Special Olympics 2011 . He has added to the legacy of representing Pakistan by veterans of Gilgit-Baltistan, defining an identity for themselves through excellence, merit and competence.

Pakistan team A ranking  is given as

1.Sakhawat Ali
2.Adeel Ameer
3.Rahimullah Baig
4.Tahir Siddique
5. Misbah Tariq

Source:Special Olympics Website

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