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OEC Discover GB Entry No 1: ‘Chilidar Lake Expedition’

OEC presents Discover Gilgit-Baltistan Entry No 1
Name: Chilidar Lake Expedition
Target: Chilidar Lake
Location: 30 Km from Gilgit City
Team: Noor Colonianz
Team Leader: Amjad Hussein

Every summer, I with my friends visit different places. In this summer, we decided to go for Chilidar to discover  the beautiful lakes. We  gathered in the colony and planned to go to chilidar.

Since, the Chilidar lake is at a great distance from Gilgit , so we decided to stay there for one day. We decided the date of Friday 24 June 2011. Finally we were up with the  plan of hike. We collected our necessary equipment like, a bag, a rope, a knife and something to eat.

Finally on June 24, 2011, we gathered at night. It was around  2:00 Am. All our friends were ready. At the nick of time two of our friends refused to come. We were really discouraged and sadden by their act. Anyway, we were firmly intended to move on, so we started to walk towards chilidar.

We walked around for three hours, at last we got a suitable place for breakfast.

We took breakfast and again started walking towards our target . On our way, we saw many glaciers, snow, different animals, birds and many flowers. We walked continuously for eight hours and finally we got an appropriate ground just beneath the lake to place our tent.

At the first day, we were unable to reach the lake because we were really tired, hungry and had to take lunch. We took lunch and rest for a while. We gossiped in our group. At night after having a dinner we sang songs and danced in our camp. Finally we went to deep sleep.

Next day with the grace of God we approached the lake. We were really happy because after facing the music, We were finally done with what we were indented.  At lake, we swum, took snaps of surrounding, it was a joyful moment of peace, beauty and thrill. We wished to be their forever but the end of our expedition came along with sweet memories and beautiful scenes preserved in our mind

At evening we moved down towards our homes. We said bye to the two beautiful lakes. After walking continuously we reached homes at night.

[The team at the Childar lake]

We had a great and unforgettable journey. When I remember the days, I again cry for the moon to be there in chilidar forever.

[Some jouyful moments after reaching target]

We captured cool pictures and now when I watched them on my PC, I really missed the moments we had in chilidar.

[The End]


Amjad hussain, Rafaqat Ali, Jamil Hussain, Gohar Ali, Zahirulah,Rehmat , Zahid hussain, Mohd Talib, Wajid , Shakeel, Sharafat,



Exclusive Presentation of OEC Discover Gilgit-Baltistan
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