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GB Students making to the Top Universities of Pakistan, 2011

|Freshies:2011| From GB in Top Universities of Pakistan

OEC team heartly congratulates the students of GB who have succeeded in getting admissions in the top institutes of Pakistan, it is the result of their hard work, dedication of their teachers and prayers of their parents and the people.  We hope they will prove to be the most important assets of nation and will contribute to make Gilgit Baltistan and Pakistan, a much more prosperous and peaceful place and set an example.

Lahore University of Management & SLahore University of Management sciencesciences(LUMS)

      • Rashid Ali Haideri, Sumayar, Nagar Gilgit. School of Humanities Social Sciences.
      • Awais Ali Khan, Central Gilgit.  Accounting and Finance.
      • Yahya, Skardu. School of Sciences and Engineering.
      • Quratullain, Skardu. School of Sciences and Engineering.
      • Izhar Ali, Sultanabad & Hunza.  School of Social Sciences and Humanitie

Institute of Business Adminstration, Karachi(IBA)

Lahore University of Management sciences


  • Syeed Naveed-ul-Kamil, AKHSS Gilgit
  • Afsar Jan, AKHSS Gilgit
  • Karim Khan, AKHSS Gilgit
  • Salahudin,AKHSSGilgit
  • Talat Fida, Cadet College
  • Salahudin, AKHSS Gilgit

National University of Science & Technol(NUST)National university for sciences and technology

      • Waqas Johar, Sassi Haramosh, Gilgit. NUST Institute of Civil Engineering.
      • Zafar Iqbql, Skardu, NUST Institute of Civil Engineering.
      • Ikram Ullah Khan, Gilgit,NUST Institute of Civil Engineering.
      • Shabir Muhammad, Yasin, Ghizer , NUST business school.
      • Suhaib Uddin,  Gilgit. NUST Business School.
      • Asghar Ali, Gojal Hunza Gilgit, School of Arts Design and Architecture SADA
      • Adnan Haider, Hunza, School of Arts Design and Architecture (SADA)
      • Kausar Parveen, Khanabad Hunza, SEECS software Engineering.
      • Shabana Batool, Skardu, NUST Institute of Civil Engineering.
      • Munira Khanum, Danyore Gilgit, SEECS Software Engineering.
      • Rida Urooj, Punyal, Institute of Environmental Sciences and Engineering.
      • Nilofer Raza, Gojal Hunza, Institute of Environmental Sciences and Engineering.
      • Imran Khan, Punyal,  Institute of Environmental Sciences and Engineering.
      • Wasim Baig, Gilgit, College of Advance Mathematics and Physics.
      • Sarfaraz, Hunza, College of Advance Mathematics and Physics.
      • Imran Khan, Ishkomen, Ghizer, BPA NUST Business School.
      • Syed Asad Ali Shah, Nomal Gilgit, BBA NUST Business School.

Ghulam Ishaque Khan Institute of Science & EngineeringGhulam Ishaq Khan Institute(GIKI)

      • Gohar Aman Kerisgone Tehsil Khapulu. Faculty of Material Science and Engineering.
      • Mubarak Hussain, Rondu. Baltistan. Faculty of Engineering Science.
      • Syed Jamal uddin Musavi Khanka, Khapulu,  Ganche Faculty of Computer Science.
      • Arif Hussain Shigar, Skurdu. Faculty of Computer engineering.
      • Shamsul Hasan, Siksa,Khapulu,  Ganche.
      • Zulfiqar Ali Chaboi, Hassanabad, Hunza. Faculty of Mechanical engineering.
      • Sadr Uddin, Khanabad, Hunza. Faculty of Mechanical Engineering.

Note: Send us your info, if you are freshman in any university of Pakistan.

*Freshmen or Freshies: All newly admitted students in university

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