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Cover Story: Six IBA National Talent Hunt Program Scholars From GB For Year 2011-15

IBA National Talent Hunt Program Scholars For Year 2011-15 From GB


OEC extends heartiest felicitions and prayers to high flyers of Gilgit-Baltistan. We hope that after completing their studies, these young men and women will serve the region and country to best of their capacities. The names of NTHP scholars from GB are:

Syeed Naveed-ul-Kamil, AKHSS Gilgit (NTHPain)
Afsar Jan, AKHSS Gilgit (NTHPain)
Karim Khan,  AKHSS Gilgit (NTHPain)
Salahudin, AKHSS Gilgit (NTHPain)
Talat Fida, Cadit College (NTHPian)
Salahudin, AKHSS Gilgit(NTHPian)

OEC appreciates collective effort by  IBA undergraduates of Batch 2014:

  • Mehtaba Hidayat from AKHSS Hunza (NTHPian)
  • Lubna shemsher from AKHSS Hunza (NTHPain)
  • Samina Kanwal from AKHSS Hunza (NTHPain)

They provided new comers with necessary counselling and guidance, making their way easy to prestigious insitution throug National Talent Hunt Program(NTHP).


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