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Sports @ OEC: GB Independence Soccer Tournament, Islamabad



GB Independence Soccer Gala Islmabad, 2011

Organizers: Balawarsitan National Student Organization

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Event: Soccer Gala
Location: Islamabad


RecentlyGB Independence Soccer Gala was held in G9/1 football ground, Islamabad. In this event a total of 16 teams from different areas of GB participated,  teams comprised of students studying in different universities and colleges of Islamabad and Pindi.

Silipi Eleven, has won the final whereas Yasin Baadshahs turned out be runner up of the competition. Mr Abdul Jahan, CEO MIED was Chief guest for final. Overall, the soccer fiesta provided students and youth of GB with a chance to get together, prove their athletic skills and promote mutual understanding leading to peace, onenness and brotherhood.

GB Independence soccer gala was organised by Balawaristan National Students Organization Islamabad.


 Winners of GB Independence Soccer Gala, Islamabad

Runners Up: Yasin Baadshahs

Runners Up Yasin Badshahs

 Team Himalayans FC

Team Gulapur 11

Team Tanha Tigers 

 Team Name: Mastuj 11, Chitral A


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