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OEC Gets New Executive Council For Year 2012-13


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Students Update                                                                                                   17 Jan 2012

|OEC Gets New Executive Council

OEC Press Release

On Sunday, 15th January 2012, OEC team gathered to elect a new Executive Council. OEC aims to help younger students of the GB region in getting proper access to education related information and other issues of the students. On this occasion, the retiring Executive body, coordinators, directors and other members were also present.

The meeting started with Sir Saranjum’s live address from USA. He addressed the OEC team about motivation and importance of continuous change of faces. He also told the OEC team that they can run OEC in parallel with their personal and professional lives. Afterwards Imtiaz Ali gave the agenda of the meeting. Discussion of the newly proposed council pursued; at the end of which the new official team was announced. Views of all members present were taken. The outgoing Team members were congratulated for their excellent efforts in the development of the organization while the new office bearers were congratulated and wished best of luck for the future.

Following which the team discussed current issues faced by the organization. Most members agreed on the importance of sustainability of the organization and emphasized on putting more efforts towards it. Kashif Essa talked about open criticism in the organization, Naubahar Rafi highlighted the issue of lack of output measurement of different projects. Regular change in the organization was emphasized by Imran Ahmed. Naveed Hussain talked about the lack of responsibility shown in some cases. Syed Naveed Shah brought forward the issue of sponsorship for the organization. Sartaj Karim said registration should be done on emergency basis. Tanveer Nawaz highlighted the lack of diversity in the team. Tajjallee suggested the publication of newsletters and brochures for the coverage of OEC activities. Jibran Hayat encouraged gradual development in the organization but he added that sustainable development should take place along with gradual development. Zia Mohd gave a financial overview of the organization. Nur Mohd also joined the team and shared his precious ideas with the team.
Different issues were discussed informally throughout the refreshment.

New OEC Central Executive Body

President: Jibran Hayat
Vise President: Syed Naveed Shah
Information Sectary: Bushra Ali
Central Executive Director: Kashif Essa

Monitoring & Advisory Body:

Imtiaz Ali
Nadeem Gul
Tajjallee Abid
Naubahar Rafi
Zia Muhammad

Patron In Chief on the recommendation of OEC General Council,  announced and approved the OEC Executive Council for the year 2012-2013.  He wished all the new office bearers best of luck for the future and hoped that OEC will reach new heights of excellence under their leadership.

He  congratulated the outgoing cabinet for their stupendous accomplishments during the previous years and wished them the best for their future endeavors.

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