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The Mother, a woman behind every successful person

Last week, when I came home back from my university, I felt something was missing but I was so much tried to think or realize. I was so much hungry as well but no one said or asked me anything everything was normal yet disturbing and annoying. I went to my room and after sitting alone by myself for sometime I got to know that my mother was not at home.

Her absence at that moment was telling me the importance of her presence that we never realize. She is supposed to be there that’s all we know and we definitely want her to be there.

Would you give up everything you are doing and just to take care of your family? May be you say YES but we can never do it.

So, this article is for all the beautiful women of GB who have not achieved anything like an award or Oscar, who are not well-known. This is for all the women behind every successful person.

They can be achievers as well but they choose not to be, so that we can shine. They have sacrificed their career their time only for our comforts. They have there equal share in every success but unfortunately we have failed to give them the credit and honor they deserve. We as a society have never appreciated their efforts.

They are doing the world’s most challenging job with so much love. We never write or do anything for them. I never have heard of any activity and event for them. The only one I remember was adult literacy center Zulfiqarabad. Where these housewives would come together for learning but would enjoy as well. The sports week, the picnic and the trip to PDCN every event was great they had so much fun. They made new friends there. While teaching there I realized how much we neglect them and then we would say “mama u doesn’t know anything”. Today I want to salute all the housewives who have given up ‘life’ so that we could have a better future ahead.

Asma and Amna Zafar
Student COMSATS, Islamabad
Members The OEC

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