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ABM – an initiative for educational revolution in Baltistan

All Baltistan Movement (ABM) is a student organization established by the students of Baltistan studying in different universities of Pakistan in 2008. It is a non-political, non-religious, non-profitable, non-government organization which provides a platform where the students of Baltistan may work for the promotion of quality education in our society. Founded by students, headed by students and run by students, ABM has always been a step ahead in helping the people of our beloved motherland. The organization has its divisions in 13 main cities of Pakistan comprising of hundreds of volunteers. The pioneers of imparting educational awareness in every single village of Baltistan have only one agenda and one slogan, “Our mission to bring revolution”. a revolution through education, knowledge, peace, harmony, and most importantly devotion and selflessness.

We believe that sectarianism, corruption, regionalism, nepotism and poverty are the main factors which are weakening the foundations of our society and we can curb all these evils if and only if we strive to develop an enlightened society. A society where everyone is well aware of his/her surroundings and everyone is very much conscious of his/her responsibilities. And to create such an ideal society we need to encourage the young generation to get well educated. Having the most intelligent youth, studying in different prestigious universities of Pakistan, on board, ABM represents a family of people with a single vision and a single goal, that is the development of our region Baltistan A session by ABM is underway and ultimately contributing to the betterment of our homeland Pakistan. Our goal is to guide every student of our region to the greatest heights they can acheive. Within three years of its establishment ABM has managed to bag a whole lot of appreciation and success. Starting from SMS alerts about admissions in different universities, the organization has successfully organized many career-counseling, guidance sessions, and seminars in many schools and colleges of Baltistan region. ABM has also been conducting Pre-entry tests for the students of Gilgit-Baltistan in Karachi and Rawalpindi for the last couple of years, which has helped the students in self assessment to a great extant. Moreover, the organization has published many guidance booklets for the students of intermediate so that they may become aware of opportunities awaiting them. Prospectus exhibitions in different institutes has also proved to be an innovative step to motivate the students in getting higher education. The organization has also established two hostels in Karachi for the students. All these activities have been organized independently by our volunteers without any external help. Furthermore, the organization has been helping our young generation individually or collectively at every stage, either in colleges or in universities.

With our divisions in all main cities of Pakistan, a team of highly spirited volunteers, and our representatives in all universities in Pakistan, anyone from Gilgit-Baltistan can rely on us for his/her help. Having achieved more than what we expected in a very short span of time, we are now in pursuit to expand our future perspectives to a greater height. Currently the organization is working upon conduction of pre-board exams for the students of Gilgit-Baltistan in six cities simultaneously. Many other future projects are also under consideration and we can only succeed if we have moral support of our loving people.

abm1Source: Pamir Times

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