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Team Young Reformers visits Academies at Kashrote

Team Young Reformers visits  Academies at Kashrote

Team Young Reformers visits Academies at Kashrote, Gilgit, Gilgit-Baltistan
A group of students studying in leading universities of country successfully organized a series of career counseling sessions at various academies and schools of Kashrote. Also, they asked students to attend their grant Educational Expo at Rupal Inn 5th of August 2012.

The official social media page of Team Young Reformers reported that:
“Despite of scorching heat the energies of valiant Reformers were not belittled & ‘maximum community participation phenomenon’ was ensured, achieved and will be felt pride in.
Team had some fruitful discussions with 9th/10th grade students from different academies. The students were avid to know about the opportunities they can avail at Matric & Inter level. Students were told about various prestigious Universities, their induction procedure & the scholarship opportunities.

Further, it said that “Team also instigated students to attend the upcoming grand event ‘EDUCATIONAL EXPO’ by Young Reformers at Rupal Inn. Team aims to visit all the schools in this part of city as soon as they get open.
At last, Team thanked to their delegate from Kashrote ‘IKRAM-UL-HAQ’ who assisted them throughout their visit & made things executable”

It is indeed a great initiative of Team YR to inform students about various educational and career opportunities. It will add to development, prosperity and peace in Gilgit-Baltistan.

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