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Team OEC Conducts First Session of Expo, 2014

Team OEC Conducts First Session of Expo, 2014

Gilgit (PR): Ever since it’s inception, the Organization for Educational Change (OEC), is continuously striving to improve the level of educational awareness in Gilgit Baltistan. In continuation of these efforts OEC started its Educational Expo for Summer, 2014.

On Saturday 9th August, 2014 OEC team moved to Elysian Higher Secondary School Danyore to conduct its first session of Educational Expo, under supervision of MR Javed Iqbal (Director OEC Educational Expo) and Mr Kashif Ayaz (Event Coordinator) with team members Amjad Hussain (NUST), Shakeela (Quaid-i-Azam), Rehamt Karim Baig (FAST), Rouhani Barkat (Quaid-i-Azam), Naeem Hayat (Comsat), Mustafa Hussain Shah (FAST), Nudrat Ehsan (Islamic University), Wajid (UET), Mohsin (Comsat), Abid (AKHSS) and Haseeb Ul Haque (Comsat).Team reached at Elysian at 10:45am and the session formally started at 11 am.

Starting with the recitation of Holy Quran, The event began by giving a brief introduction of OEC and team members to attendees.

The Education Expo was aimed to be an interactive session mainly focusing on informing and encouraging students to speak up and express themselves. The session consisted of following activities

I. Self-discovery: Providing students with an opportunity to think about themselves and try explore their strengths and weaknesses.

II. Career Info Hour: In this session, members of expo team gave participants with career related information which includes fields of study, universities and scholarships opportunities.

III. Confidence Building Measures (CBMs): Confidence building measures encourage students to get in activities, meant to raise their confidence level so that they are better able to share their concerns and views.

IV. Individual Counseling Session: It was aimed at making Education Expo more effective. During this session team members individually answered queries of students regarding their particular field of study.

The session ended successfully. The session had an attendance of about 40 students from various regions and educational institutions. OEC team feels encouraged and pleased by active participation of the students. The event was officially concluded at 15:00 pm. OEC team shows gratitude to Mr Imran Shah for his efforts to organize the event and Ms. Nourani Barkat for sharing her valued ideas and experience.

More sessions of the Educational Expo 2014 are to be followed with sessions arranged in Nagar Valley, Ghizer, Gulmit and Chilas.

OEC aims at spreading educational awareness throughout Gilgit Baltistan, serving as a beacon of light on issues relating to Education.

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