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OEC meeting with CM and Deputy Speaker of Gilgit Baltistan

OEC meeting with CM and Deputy Speaker of Gilgit Baltistan


Team OEC meeting was blessed with the opportunity to meet the respectable Chief Minister Hafiz Hafeez Ur Rehman, Deputy Speaker Jaffar Ullah of Gilgit Baltistan  and administrator Syed Anwar Jamal Shah. They availed this infrequent chance on Monday, 30th may at GB House Islamabad.

The meeting went on very progressively as the delegates of OEC comprising of former Chairperson Miss Tajali, Current President Mr.Sikandar and Vice President Mr. Ali Haider presented the manifesto of the organization before the authorities in order to bring their attention towards the constructive development of the society through the tool of education. The on-going and past projects of the organization were discussed in detail and their impact on the community of GB was highlighted in the talk.

The outcome of the meeting came out to be indeed affirmative as the CM got agreed upon the proposal for the grants and donations. He vowed to the team about his and government’s collaboration in resource empowerment of the youth led projects of OEC. They encouraged the team by ensuring them full support and acknowledging the OEC mandate. He emphasized upon the youth recommendations for strengthening educational and institutional structure of the country. He, further, asked for regular meetings with the government officials. The executives of OEC were overwhelmed by the response they got from both of the officers. The other team members, Junaid Akbar Assistant Director, Asif Mehdi Director , Arsalan Ahmed Media head and Masroor, the Media volunteer also accompanied the executives in this meeting.

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