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OEC Team Building Updates of the First Phase

OEC Team Building Updates of the First Phase

With utmost pleasure, we declare that the first and foremost round of OEC Team’s tenure for 2016-17 has been accomplished after efficient decision making of President and Vice President. In this round , we have chosen the executive body for each department after going through a tough and thorough scanning of potential applicants. Out of huge pool of received applications, we faced an absolute difficulty in picking up the most sound and deserving candidate as the leader of each department. For keeping the process fair and neutral, we took interviews from the candidates and judged them on the basis of their dedication, experience, skills and expertise. It was so overwhelming session with them as their enthusiasm and interest to get to the executive position was on the prospect.

Further, we entrusted the responsibility of team making for corresponding departments with each director so that the overall OEC body could come into existence after democratic selection. The task was outdone by the directors in a very short span of time resulting in very smooth and coordinated flow of activities between different departments. As we have stepped into the next phase therefore we are looking forward to the unleashing of plans in execution of major projects.

OEC Team Building Sanpshot

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