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The Heros Within Series 1: Memona Abbas

The Heros Within Series 1: Memona Abbas

“I struggled very hard to keep up with my studies. I was sixteen and was studying in 10th class, when I got married. The marriage at such a tender age came with huge domestic responsibilities, something that I was not prepared for. Devoid of the least understanding of motherhood, I became a mother of three children. Meanwhile, I was attending my college and later university during my late teenage. My studies were excessively disturbed. Having an immense passion for literature, I wanted to become a poet. However, my accountability towards the family affairs coupled with my studies made it quite tough for me to pursue my ardor. Nevertheless, I did not think of quitting my education for a sheer moment.

Yearning to be a bird, soaring high in the sky, I felt wholly encaged by all the unfavorable circumstances coming my way. Yet, hope drove me all along and I continued my education without overlooking domestic responsibilities. I sternly believed that getting education is the cure of all my troubles. I could see my dreams coming true, which would eventually enable me to provide a bright future for my children. After going through all the quandaries of life, now I am a proud mother of three children, a graduate of the Aga Khan University, and an FPSC commissioned Teachers’ Educator”

(Memoona Abbas Khan, Gilgit)

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