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The Heros Within Series I : Amjad Nadeem

The Heros Within Series I : Amjad Nadeem

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“Difficulties and challenges are part of our life and we all have to face them, but some of them leave either long-lasting impact on life or change it completely. I faced two such circumstances in my life. I came across the first when my father passed away in an accident while I was studying in Grade 9. The sudden death of my father left me entirely wrecked. It was a very heart-wrenching incident of my life. The second life changing challenge that I faced was when I became a victim to one of the terrorist attacks in the year 2007. I was in the final year of my engineering studies at UET Peshawar when I was hit by a bomb blast along with many others.The incident left me severely injured landing me in the hospital for months, ultimately costing me my lower two limbs and disabling me for my entire life.

Even though I spent months in the hospital to recover physically, but it took every moment of my last 8 years to settle in my new life, mentally and psychologically. I had entered my university walking on my own feet and returned home on a wheel-chair losing both of my legs and injuring my backbone. The pain I underwent is not explainable, yet it is way lesser than the one I had bereaved after my father’s sudden death. With nothing more to lose, I had to survive and rehabilitate. I courageously fought back with my strong willpower and immense family support. Good things started coming my way. I received my engineering degree, secured a job and got married.

Let me say very categorically, I was blessed to have a very caring and cooperative wife. Had I not found my wife after the accident, I wouldn’t have been rehabilitated and better the way I am right now. Life moved on and two years ago, I was blessed with the most auspicious moment of my life when God almighty gifted me and my wife, a blissful daughter; in fact a panacea for all of my woes. Alhamdullilah! Now, I am working as an Electrical Engineer in a private company and living a contented life. I love music, politics and social work. I sing/write songs, and I regularly participate in the social and political activities. The only thing that keeps me hurting is that, I cannot reside in my native region (Gilgit-Baltistan) because of its cold weather being unfavorable for my health.”

(Amjad Nadeem, Ghizer)

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