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The OEC Invest in Future Leaders(IFL) team started off its #IFLCampusDrive at IBA, Karachi

The OEC Invest in Future Leaders(IFL) team started off its #IFLCampusDrive at IBA, Karachi

20 Oct 2017-Yesterday, with a target to invest in over 100 of future leaders from far flung areas of Gilgit-Baltistan and Chitral this year, the OEC Invest in Future Leaders team started off its #IFLCampusDrive 2017-18 by  putting up a fundraising booth at Institute of Business Administration, Karachi. The campus fundraising was conducted with the support of IBA Community Welfare Society.

The OEC IFL team was able to get generous investment (donation) from the students of IBA, who showed great support and interest in the initiative. Other than one-time donation, many students were excited about investing/sponsoring IFL Scholars for long term. The OEC IFL team will coordinate with the interested students with further details about the organization and program. The event became a great success due to the very positive response and kind support of the IBA Community Welfare Society and the passionate IBA students to. We want to thank the society and every individual student who come to our stall and bring their friends with them.

The team said that it was very hopeful and confident to reach its target of sponsoring 100 students through such collaboration and constant support of our sponsors.

In this regards, the successful event also showed the strong commitment of the OEC IFL Core team to continue their struggle to reach to the most underprivileged students in the remote areas of Chitral and Gilgit Baltistan.

The team said  it is confident to take such initiatives and continue such collaboration in coming days. It shared its plan to carry out such drives in other universities as well. The team appealed and encouraged its core members as well as the student community as whole to take initiatives and to spread its message to as much as possible sponsors (investors) who would be willing to invest in future leaders.

The team strongly reaffirmed that it believes in an educationally inclusive society which is only possible when the fortunate members of the community will come forward to support those in an unfortunate situation; the only way to build a truly progressive society.

OEC IFL Director, Mr. Wahid Khan expressed his special gratitude to Mr. Muhamad Ukasha, the AM of the society who had invited the team for setting up its campus drive stall. He  also wanted to express his utmost appreciation to “Progressive Pakistan Foundation” who offered to collaborate with the team.


Appeal: Under Investing in Future Leaders Scholarship project, OEC is sponsoring meritorious and deserving scholars-studying in elementary schools- from far flung areas of Gilgit-Baltistan &  Chitral, therefore, you’re kindly requested to sponsor a OEC-IFL Scholar by clicking SIGN UP as  IFL SPONSOR

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