Organization for Educational Change (OEC)

OEC Core Team Meeting Minutes in Islamabad

OEC Core Team Meeting Minutes in Islamabad


OEC Team Meeting Minutes in Islamabad


Meeting Minutes 


The first successful meeting minutes of OEC executive-body is held at Centangle office, Islamabad. The purpose of this meeting is to brief the executive body about their roles and responsibilities and to make them aware of the history and recent projects carried out by the OEC. Imran Hunzai, one of the pioneers of the OEC, briefed team OEC regarding the history. His presentation is primarily directed to develop an understanding of the Organizational structure and its operational mechanism. He shared his personal experiences to make it more effective and more intelligible. Moreover, he took a session about, “Trello”, an online website that can help team OEC to perform task management and other duties in a more effective way. OEC team will use this tool in the future to manage its projects. President and Vice President OEC have shared the success of educational Expos, his experience until now and discussed goals for tenure (17-18). The meeting proves very useful in reinvigorating the essence of organization among its members and it will help members to work with more commitment and responsibility.


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