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Success hunter follow every rainbow

Success hunter follow every rainbow
Lifting heavy bags on their only half inch long shoulders, but adroitly compensating this weight wearing a priceless smile on their face. Sunrays were trying their level best to penetrate their uniformly aligned eyelashes, but their hands were acting as a shield to keep their glittering eyes open because they contain an ocean of dreams, dazzling futures, and glimmering careers.
I was observing this whole scenario sitting on cement stairs. But the cuddles and exuberance of these students was giving off a calm effect. Suddenly a question dropped in my mind niggling all my keen observation. It started to erase all of my healthy thoughts. Thus left me dumbfounded.
“Are we really preparing our students for the global market, are we for sure focusing on their skills which are in higher demand in digitalized future?
In the beginning paragraph of an article named as “HUNT FOR SUCCESS”, writer has mentioned an encapsulating fact “Ask parents what they want most for their children and many will answer success”. But majority of the parents and teachers have set their own definition of success. According to which success simply means grabbing high grades and then sitting on an office chair with an attitude on face.
In Lindsey Pollak’s Getting From College To Career, she suggests that career hunters “follow every rainbow”. Here every rainbow means, every good opportunity. From science to debate competitions to awareness sessions which revolve around the meaningful concept of leadership and self-nourishment. True career hunters work on their skills of critical thinking and problem solving. According to recent studies student with these capabilities are surely to have brighter and happier futures of their choice. Because today as job market is becoming increasingly global, employers are in search of such workers who possess a remarkable degree along with these compulsory ingredients.
This is astonishing that only some schools have recognized the necessity of these fundamentals which could better shape students career. They have started to organize events like sports week, multifarious competitions, and career fairs. Advances like these in learning improve students’ ability to think well and in turn live wisely. As research says student with extraneous skills are more likely to identify and create the road of their interest, undoubtedly they have the advantage in exploring valuable opportunities. Thus defining new horizons of life and career.
So, these evidences debunk the typical recipe of success. This is certain that to enjoy a career of our own choice and market requirement we have to go beyond our books.
Written by: Azra Nisar.
Azra has completed her F.Sc. from Aga Khan Higher Secondary School Hunza. She belongs to the beautiful Danyore valley of Gilgit-Baltistan. She aspires to study social sciences in the near future.


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