Organization for Educational Change (OEC)

Thank you for taking interest in joining Organization for Educational Change (OEC) Gilgit-Baltistan. Every year, OEC opens inductions for students who are passionate about bringing a change in the society through education.

For University Students

For Grade 10-12 Students

5 thoughts on “Volunteer

  1. After studying almost one year in a university i feel accedmeics alone is not enough for grooming of a good personality. i feel OEC is a perfect platform for me to improve my skills.
    besides this i want to help students back home by guiding them about their future aspects by sharing my personal experiene.
    this is the reason i want to join OEC.

  2. Being a student of class 10th i feel some weaknesses and less confidence in students.
    I have traveled some backward areas of Gb and i find out some amazing talent from those students who are not aware by this era even they don’t know how to select their future goals still they can find their future goals. they got an amazing talent and their talent is their future goal but they didn’t know about it.
    We are well aware about our futures as compare to them,so we should give them awareness sessions and arrange different creative camps for them by having these activities they would be more aware about their future.
    I have given membership to an organization UMEED.we are supporting students of GB financially like if someone are not able to pay their school fee then we are supporting them.
    I like to be part of this Organization and i hope i will do my best for this organization. Thanks👍

  3. I read the vision and determination of this organization how it is trying to distribute the light of knowledge towards the remote areas of the country.which is the only the thing which drage me to join it. As a citizen of backward area I know about the educational problems. Therefore I want to help all the students of the region through giving proper guidance so that they will be able to persuade their education. Everyone has the ability to do something new, something amazing the only reason is lack of resources and short of knowledge. Being a university student I want to help them and I will try to convince other to join this platform. I shall be very grateful if you would select me for upcoming events.

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