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A Solution for Better Gilgit-Baltistan: The sustainable and long-term peace needs public policy reforms

A Solution for  Better Gilgit-Baltistan: The sustainable and long-term peace needs public policy reforms

Bloodshed in GB is not simple as it seems; ‘someone’, ‘somewhere’ is busy designing our future. Very unfortunate is that our policymakers are unable to predict/create a future for GB. People are not responsible alone. People in developed world are as irrational as in our regions. Loose the system for a day in US and UK and you would see their irrationality! What makes them to behave is the strong system and institutions in these countries. And peace restoration is not one day agenda; it’s a long process. Requesting Agha Rahat and Qazi Nisar for maintaining peace would not be a sustainable solution. A sustainable and long-term peace needs public policy reforms. If our policymakers are sincere and looking forward for a violence-free and Peace-loving Gilgit, they should initiate a 20 years vision that includes:

1- War against Corruption: Corruption is the root cause of all social evils and one of the strongest reasons for sectarian violence in GB.

2-Reforms in Police: Police in GB is actually custodian and spy of their particular sects. Policymakers know it. I know and you know it! So what you expect from them? Reforms in Police will set the agenda for sustainable peace in GB.

3-Legislation: Introduce a bill; make a law for punishing culprits involved in creating religious hatred.

4-Curriculum: Revise the curriculum. It is not a rocket science and very much possible if there is a political will.

5-Create employment opportunities: especially for unskilled and less educated. You have more than enough money to do so. GB government spends 600 million for maintaining peace. Otherwise it would create 1600 jobs with an average salary of Rs.30, 000.00 per month. Even if you cut it to half, you can create 800 new jobs.

6-Introduce a peace allowance for GB government officials. Withdraw it if violence exists.

7-Develop a new government sharing formula.

8-Establish a regional accountability system and keep a check on lavish lifestyles of key policymakers (politicians and bureaucrats).

9-15 billion budget for GB is more than enough to make it more developed and prosperous than Dubai. An honest, dedicated and visionary CM can change the fate of GB.

And finally the FUTURE of GB is in the hands of youth of GB, Come forward; play your role what so ever it is. I am very optimistic about the future of GB because Ireland, Germany and many other developed nations had undergone similar violence and their reforms made them, what they are today!

Saranjam Baig
Patron In Chief OEC
PHD Candidate
Harward Fellow
Calremont University

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