Organization for Educational Change (OEC)

Career Opportunity : Master Trainer Required

Career Opportunity : Master Trainer Required


Subject: Trainer Required for series of EHP Training (Job Opportunity)

Criteria :
1. Proficient in English Language (Must)
2. Qualification: at least 14 years education in any field (Must)
3. Good Teaching Skills (Highly Desirable)
4. Experienced as a trainer or teacher (Desirable)
5. Interested in making a career in Hospitality Industry (Optional)

11:59 pm, Friday, January 16, 2015.

OEC and abcF (abc Foundation, a dubai based NGO) undertook a training named as “English for Hospitality Professionals” during Dec. 2014 and Jan 2015. After getting a great response from the trainees, OEC and abcF have planned to conduct a series of such training in Pakistan.

The trainer for the EHP training held lately in Islamabad was sent by abcF from Dubai, however we need a native trainer for the future modules. In this regard we need someone who meets the aforementioned criteria to work as a trainer. After selection (will be selected before January 17, 2015) s/he will be trained by our trainer in order to provide the basic guidelines about the training. After the initial training s/he may get further online training from abcF. Once s/he is trained completely s/he will be responsible for undertaking the series of EHP training in Pakistan.
Depending on her/his performance, s/he will be hired by abcF as a permanent employee in Pakistan.

Aspirants are requested to send their CV to following addresses:


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