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The Heros Within Series I : Isfandyar Khan

The Heros Within Series I : Isfandyar Khan

I belong to an area [Chilas, GB] that is one of the most backward parts of Gilgit-Baltistan(GB), Pakistan. I started my educational journey from the Army Public School. After completing my intermediate, I came to Lahore to proceed with my higher education. I opted for Aviation as my field of study, pursuing my bachelor’s at Superior University, Lahore.

Initially, it was way too difficult for me to speak English and interact with people and teachers. I was not even able to speak Urdu properly in my class. I faced the feeling of inferiority complex for some time, however, I held my ground very strongly, put in my best efforts to build my confidence, and step by step socialized with some supportive individuals. Today, I am quite confident to interact with people and to debate on any kind of topic.

I truly want to spread awareness among the people of our area [Chilas, GB] to learn from the fellows of the surrounding regions who have developed themselves making education a necessary part of their life. I would request people in my area to come forward and start educating themselves”

(Isfandyar Khan, Chilas)

Appeal: Under Investing in Future Leaders Scholarship project, OEC is sponsoring meritorious and deserving scholars-studying in elementary schools- from far-flung areas of Gilgit-Baltistan &  Chitral, therefore, you’re kindly requested to sponsor an OEC-IFL Scholar by clicking SIGN UP as  IFL SPONSOR


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