Fear vs Failures

Fear vs Failures


Earth just needs some hours to change the color of sky. Tangible sky in day time gradually covers itself with a dark black clothe at night. Flowers with alluring flagrance for some months, later when their petals shed they lost their fame.
Some days of our lives are textured with the glory of new life stirring in the earth, and some days are epitome of troublesome. Where sunrays focus themselves on our most valuable possession and without taking a second convert them into a trash. But the same trash can be used to construct a new palatial building. Life is meaningful until we make it a testimony of multifold lessons, which are prolific products of failures and experiences. But only some of us can go through them with tranquility and brevity.
Why most of us are so fearful of failures? And even one can observe a glimpse of this fear in their plain work. Scareness peppers the fear, and according to research it may cause catastrophic failures. Many of us are appalled by failures, due to the lack of determination, passion, and courage. Those who are not habitual to failures are less likely to think more critically and to solve problems more sharply. It is a household contention that ‘Fear is foe of successes, and the rope of can be grasp by facing coupious failures. In a nutshell, one should possess the core values (determination, passion, and courage) to annihilate fear. Then one could become a paragon of success for SURE.
Written by : Azra Nisar, who has completed her Fsc from Aga Khan higher Secondary school Hunza. Azra belongs to the beautiful region of Danyore Gilgit, and aspires to study social sciences in the near future.

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  1. Very well written. Everything, especially vocab, was nicely inter-woven in the fabric of your writing piece.
    Keep it up!

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