The Heros Within Series I: Rehana Aziz

2/2“In 2008, I got enrolled in NUST, Islamabad. I received scholarships from the Aga Khan Education Services, Pakistan and the Hashu Foundation. While at NUST, I was given the opportunity to study in the U.S. at North Dakota State University in Fargo, North Dakota. During my stay in the U.S, I gravitated towards work on renewable energy therefore, upon my return to Pakistan I decided to pursue a career in the this field. Luckily I found a short-term position for a solar project at a university. There is no doubt that, even today, working in the energy sector is still considered a man’s job. Gender became my biggest hindrance as a female engaged in the energy sector. Out of all of my other struggles thus far, that phase [Job search after the completion of the short-term project mentioned above] of my life was especially painful and challenging, as I fought for financial survival and against the despair of being forced by necessity to sacrifice a profession that I loved. Then, just as I had begun to resign myself to letting go of my dreams, I got the position of Solar Design Engineer at a solar energy company in Lahore. I worked with that energy firm in Lahore for a time, and left Lahore to Islamabad to work with Henergy, a global company and manufacturer of thin film technology where I finally got the chance to install my first solar project. Currently, I’m working at the Reon Enegy Solutions, Lahore as its Lead/Engineer- Planing and Costing. My mission in life is to avail myself to every opportunity, so that nothing is left unlearned. I started the campaign Renewable Energy Journey, Pakistan. The campaign #REJourneyPakistaninvites everyone to join the “Renewable energy revolution,” and aims to enrich learning opportunities for youth who are interested in the new and developing technologies in the renewable energy sector. I want to provide inspiration to young women, as a demonstration of what we are capable of when we dare to pursue our dreams, against all odds” 

-Rehana Aziz, Ghizer


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